Tank Audio is run by Melbourne based musician, Tom Higham. As a professional viola player, Tom has over 10 years experience working with some of Australia’s leading classical music institutions and artists, as well as performing and recording with a host of national and international touring bands/acts. Tom is also a keen guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist with an interest in a wide range of musical styles and genres.



If you’re seeking an engineer with a passion for accurately capturing the magic of a live performance, or just after someone with first-hand experience and understanding of the performing and recording environment, Tank Audio is the perfect fit. Whether you need to capture a live performance, record for commercial release or prepare an audition tape, Tom offers mobile recording services and post production for you or your ensemble. Just provide the space and Tom will come to you!



Tom is also able to offer home studio recording options and editing/mixing services for solo artists, songwriters and bands. In addition, Tom collaborates regularly with many of Australia’s best classical musicians and can help bring your track to life should you wish to add anything from a solo cello line to a string quartet or other mixed ensemble arrangements.


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Please contact Tom directly with any questions on services and pricing using the form provided and he'll get back to you as soon as possible!